Cloud Storage Intern

During summer 2016, I interned at the Cloud Storage department of Sugon, a top HPC (High-Performance Computer) company located in Beijing, China. Specifically, I worked on the installation and maintenance of the ParaStor Cloud Storage servers.

Parastor is a Cloud Storage server that provides reliable, high performance cloud storage service to HPCs and other clients.

My work at Sugon involves knowledges in Linux OS, TCP/IP and the Integration of VMware API for NAS. A huge part of my job was to maintain the servers, installing physical hard drive, reinstalling and rebooting the system, and setting up correct ethernet connects with the R&D lab.

The most exciting part of this summer internship is that most of my time was spent with talented technician server rooms, and I learned to install, set up and test-run the server individually. For more details about this intern, here are the slides I made to display the cloud storage system.


Servers that I installed (physically) during summer internship. The system is separated into Opara(managing unit) and Ostore(storage unit) units for high-performance parallel storage.

I was able to to a lot of field work during my intern at Sugon, traveling to different client locations and install the servers and connect them to the HQ.


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