Curriculum Projects

Here are some selected course projects from Emory CS courses, click on image to view source code.

CS 325: Pacman – Artificial Intelligence Spr, 2017

Instructor: Eugene Agichtein

Implementation of HMM, Reinforcement Learning, Naive Bayes, Perceptron, etc.


CS 378: Data Mining Algorithms Spr, 2017

Instructor: Li Xiong

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Implementation of Apriori, C4.5, Naive Bayes, k-means, etc.


CS 377: JDBC – Database Systems (with GUI; also mySQL, web access database with php) Fall, 2016

Instructor: Shun Yan Cheung

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ER model, Relational Data model, Relational Algebra, SQL, JDBC, Web Access Database, Database Design, etc.


CS450: UNIX systems Fall, 2016

Instructor: Ken Mandelberg

UNIX File System, File processing, metadata, buffered i/o, environment, IPC, TCP/IP, etc.


CS 323: Data Structures and Algorithms Spr, 2016

Instructor: Michelangelo Grigni

Traveling Salesman

Graph Coloring, TSP, MST, edge connectivity, etc.