Business Analytics

These are the projects I worked on in the Data and Decision Analytics class at the Emory Goizueta Business School. We mainly used Descriptive Statistics, Histograms, ANOVA, correlation tables, Regressions functions in Excel to analysis data.

FAA Airline Delay Analysis: 

Given the FAA airline delay data from US Department of Transportation’s Office of Aviation Consumer Protection, we tired to figure out the patterns in flight delay between different airline companies and interpret flight delay reasons using histograms. You can download the presentation Here.


Rummel Fuels Company Project: 

In this project, we tried to predict homes with highest priority for fuel company to deliver. By using ANOVA, we were able to use degree days to predict oil use for houses. By looking at correlations between factors, we combined multiple models and came up with a better model for oil use prediction. Click Here to look at our report.