My research interest lies at the intersection of Data Mining/Machine learning and Economics. I’m also vastly interested in Database Systems, NLP, Social Networks & Information Retrieval.

PIVET: A Phenotype Validation Tool:

Validate clinical phenotype candidates using online medical literature

Keywords: Text Mining, Machine Learning, NLP, Computational Phenotyping, Data Analytics

Supervisor: Joyce Ho, Department of Math/Computer Science

 “PIVET: A Scaled Phenotype Evidence Generation Framework using Online Medical Literature”(with J. Henderson, J. Ho, B. Wallace and J. Ghosh) Journal of Medical Internet Research(JMIR), 2017.

Cost of Annoying Advertisements:

Analyzing cost of bad online advertisement by conducting empirical studies via Amazon MTurk

Keywords: Information Systems, Digital Advertising, Data Mining, Consumer Behavior, Crowdsourcing

Supervisor: Vilma Todri, Department of Information Systems & Operation Management

Stock Performance & Job-Market Analysis:

Examining the correlation between company stock returns and employee satisfaction

keywords: Data Mining, Financial Economics, Job Matching, Information Economics

Supervisor: Jeong-Ho Kim, Department of Economics


Undergraduate Research Program I Participated in:

SIRE Program:

Scholarly Inquiry and Research at Emory