Volunteer Experience

Volunteer Emory

Environmental Justice in Appalachia, Spring 2015, Kentucky

I am a passionate member of Volunteer Emory and an active participant for Relay for Life, Alternative Volunteer Trip, Day of Care. I am interested in Global weather changes and environmental protection as my hometown Beijing is currently suffering from serious smog pollution.

Making friends with a local snowman, Spring 2015


Khan Academy Volunteer: 

I am an online volunteer translator for Khan Academy. In my free time, I translate(check) Math, Economics related videos on Khan Academy to provide Chinese captions for the lessons.


Greening the Beige:

I joined Greening the Beige in 2011. GtB is an NGO located in Beijing and dedicated to connect Art to the idea of eco-friendly awareness. We organize events to showcase artworks created with daily trash & recycled products.


Painting on recycled cardboard by artist Memuco, 2013



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